In addition to photography, I like to dabble in other art. I love creating stuff and this gives me a little different outlet than photography to do this. On occasion I'll have various items available to view on this site and purchase. See below for details.

Types of Artwork

I dabble in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Here is a bit about the current art I have working on.

Acrylic Pour Painting

When I was cooped up during COVID and wanted something to try that didn’t include staring at a screen I decided to try acrylic pour painting. I really enjoyed it and it’s a bit opposite to my photography because it is very abstract and although I can choose the type of pour I do and the colors it’s a bit out of my control how a painting will turn out. The only thing I don’t like about it – much like my photos – is trying to pick names as you might notice some are simply referenced by numbers.

The current pieces I have available for sale can be found at the link below. Each painting has a gallery that can be viewed.

View Paintings

Frames can be added to any painting for additional charge. Please indicate this when ordering. See below for purchasing information.

Custom Paintings

In addition to the paintings posted for sale, I'm more than happy to work with you for a custom piece. See below for purchasing information.

Jewelry & Home Décor

One of the uncool things about the pour paintings is that there tends to be paint that falls off the edges and could be waste. The cool thing is that these drippings can have some awesome designs once dry and there are ways to use them. I’ve turned them into jewelry, magnets, wall hangings and bookmarks. See below for info on how to purchase.

View Jewelry & Home Décor Items

  • Bracelets 1
  • Unmounted Heart Charms
  • Wall Hanging Example #2

How to Purchase

If you like my artwork enough to consider purchasing it - thank you so much!! I appreciate your support.

Note that for now this is a manual process for me so please be patient and allow up to 24 hours for return correspondence.


Just a reminder that all my photography is available to purchase in a variety of sizes, mediums (prints, metal, acrylic, etc.) and products. I’m willing to work with you if you’re looking for something specific.

Basic prints can be purchased through this website from the printing place I use. See the Photo Purchase page for details.

For other options please see the 'Custom Pieces' section below for commissioning a custom piece. I can also personally print, mount, simple mat and frame photos sizes up to 17’x22’.

Non-Photographic Items

Prices for non-photographic artwork items for sale are listed in the descriptions under the photos. To purchase non-photographic artwork listed for sale, please e-mail me at and include the number(s) corresponding to the item(s) you would like to purchase. I will then contact you to confirm availability of the items, get shipping information, arrange payment and work out any additional details.

Custom Pieces

To commission a custom piece (painting, photography or paint skin charm wall hanging), please e-mail me at and include a description of what you are looking for (colors, size, medium, etc.). I will then contact you to discuss the piece, pricing and payment.

Disclaimers & Fine Print

Some of the un-fun stuff, but please read prior to purchasing:

I've done my best to represent the true colors of the pieces, but differences in screen settings may affect how they appear.

I make every effort to update the availability of items as soon as I'm able to, but there may be times when an item is listed as available, but it has been purchased.

If interested in a custom painting, because of the method and amount of paint used, they take at least 2 weeks to fully dry then need to be sealed and, if desired, framed. You will need to allow at minimum a month to receive these.

I prefer PayPal and will send an electronic invoice you can make payment through, but may be willing to work with you on other payment options.

Payment due prior to shipment.

All sales are final.

Shipping and handling costs and any applicable sales tax are not included in the prices listed. I will work with you on an order-by-order basis to determine shipping method and cost.

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